What We Do For Your Company


Whether you are just cutting the red tape on your new business or you are a fortune 500 company, Platinum Royalties Rewards has the best referral, repeat business, and pipeline builder in the business.
The fact that you can CUSTOMIZE our Platinum Royalties Rewards Cards and add your companies logo, phone number, and name to our Deal card makes this the best gift in any business whether it’s for your current clients, staff, closing gift, or future clients.
Our CUSTOMIZED cards make for the perfect closing gift and your clients will think of you throughout the year every time they use it doing their daily routine. Whether that’s picking up their Dry Cleaning, getting a hair cut, taking the kids out to Friendly Confines after their baseball or football games, seeing the dentist, buying a new home, having a girls or guys night out, grabbing a bite, and the list goes on and on.



Your client will think about YOU every-time they look at their card for the
next 12 months and also call you around New Years for a new Card.
Creating the opportunity for you to ask for more leads and referrals.
Which make the Platinum Royalties Rewards Card the perfect idea for your business.