Platinum Royalties Rewards’ primary focus is doing fundraising and charity donations with local High Schools, Colleges, and National Charity Foundations.

High Schools, Colleges, and Charities get 76% of the proceeds raised while using their customized Platinum Royalties Rewards Cards during their fundraising events.

Here is a list of some of the charities and foundations that Platinum Royalties Rewards  has donated to:

NFLPA – ALS/Lou Gehrig’s disease

Toys For Tots 2016-present

Special Olympics

Arnold Palmer Foundation

National Athletic Executive Director Board (NEDC)

Fox Foundation- Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

LPGA- Poverty

Fallen Police Officers- Officer Robbie German

CAAD (Connecticut State Athletic Sponsor)

Oregon State Board (OADA)

Rhode Island State Board (RIAAA)

Indiana State Sponsor (IIAAA)

Wisconsin State Sponsor (WADA)

Illinois State Sponsor (IADA)

Delaware State Sponsor (DIAAA)

New York State

Bags of Hope

One Heart

Heart 2 Heart

Windermere Police Foundation-Officer Robbie German

Lake Brantley High School

Seminole County School Board

Wisconsin State (WADA)

KCCO- Chive Nation

Cancer Research

Homeless victims from disasters

Children’s Cancer

Ending Homelessness & Poverty

SWOP – Seminole Work

Johnny Damon Foundation

Evans High School



Cypress Creek High

Lake Mary Prep

Colonial High

Cypress Springs

Cypress Creek Elementary

Faith Christian 

Leesburg High

East Ridge Middle

15th District Kentucky PTA

South Carolina PTA

Miami-Dade PTA

State Sponsor for CAAD

Babe Ruth Little League 

BASE CAMP Children’s Cancer 

NECONN (Connecticut)



Donations & Gifts To Date: $823,576.00

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What Is Platinum Royalties Rewards?

 Platinum Royalties Rewards creates a dynamic relationship for vendors, consumers, fundraisers, and charities by creating an environment that serves the community and offers fantastic free marketing and advertisement.